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American Martial Arts Gym

American Martial Arts Gym

Veteran / Woman / Family Owned Business dedication to the community and the confidence and passion of our youth. We give of our time, experience, and knowledge back to our fellow adults as well as to the new leaders of our future.

We intend to see our strengths be the strengths in our students and provide invaluable use of our past experiences to enlighten and strengthen the performance of our students. We know that a gym is more than a club and a club is more like a Family.

Come Join Ours We Would Be Proud To Have You!

Our team consists of dedicated hardworking Marylander’s who love their community and Passionate about personal improvement.

We are lead by our Women and strengthened by our Men.  We have a staff comprised of Military Veteran’s from Commission Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Spouses of Military Veteran’s.

We give maximum effort to our customers and look at them as a member of our exclusive Club.


Come check us out to see how our family operated gym works on the improvement of our members Confidence, Passion, and Submission.


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